Kahikatea - The Family tree

» Whanau (family) and research of Angela Cone«

noun  a tall New Zealand coniferous tree, Dacrycarpus dacrydioides, valued for its timber and resin
Also called:  white pine

Why Kahikatea?? » When my mother first met my father Ron Cone, her Father Jim Watkins (known for his sense of humour) teasingly called my father Mr Pine and "Kahikatea". He did it so much that my uncle Ian really thought my fathers surname was Pine!!!. Since then, "Kahikatea" has become an unofficial "emblem" for my family. Recently, the New Zealand Cone clan located the grave of our immigrant ancestor "William Bullock Cone". A Kahikatea has been planted at William Bullock Cone's grave.

Angelas Genealogy:

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